terça-feira, 11 de março de 2014

Xadrez - Mate em 2! (J. Paul Taylor)

J. Paul Taylor, "The Forlorn Hope", 1878.
Código FEN: 3r1n2/1n1rb3/bq3p1B/4kP2/1p2N1P1/1N1p4/5PB1/1K6 w - - 0 1.

As Brancas jogam e dão xeque-mate em 2 lances!

(White to play and give checkmate in 2 moves!)


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  1. Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.

  2. 1 Nd6!! (threat: Nf7#) 1-0
    1 ... Nxd6/Bxd6 2 f4#
    1 ... Kxd6 2 Bf4#

  3. Well done, guys. 1. Nd6!! is the key move:

    1. Nd6!! Kxd6 2. Bf4#
    1. Nd6!! Bxd6 2. f4#
    1. Nd6!! Nxd6 2. f4#
    1. Nd6!! Rxd6 2. f4#
    1. Nd6!! Qxd6 2. f4#
    1. Nd6!! Qd4 2. Nf7#
    1. Nd6!! Qe3 2. Nf7#
    1. Nd6!! Ne6 2. Nf7#
    1. Nd6!! Ng6 2. Nf7#
    1. Nd6!! Nc5 2. Nf7#
    1. Nd6!! Bb5 2. Nf7#
    1. Nd6!! Bc4 2. Nxc4#

  4. A curiosity: there is a poem written about this problem:

    The White King looked around, and noted how
    Our ranks were thinned and broken, so that now
    Our small successes were not worth the cost;
    And said, “We must resign, the day is lost!”
    “But not the Knight!” so spake a horseman brave:
    “My steed says neigh, the day we yet may save.”
    Then turned the King, and, frowning darkly, said:
    “Such jesting, good Sir Knight, may cost your head.
    He who would make a pun at such a time
    Is capable of any other crime;
    But one more chance I give you — Forward ride,
    And lead a hope forlorn. If good betide,
    Perhaps I may forgive you for the pun,
    And if you fall but little harm is done!”

    Forth spurred the Knight, regardless of his life,
    And rode at once where thickest raged the strife.
    To such a spot he dashed, that whilst he braved
    Five sorts of slaughter, still the day he saved;
    For should the foeman dare to lay him low,
    He leaves his King a prey to vassal’s blow;
    And should the King himself the victim slay,
    A priest steps in with stroke that none can stay;
    Whilst if they should decide to spare the Knight,
    And try to shield their Monarch from his might,
    They yet would fail, for still his falchion bright
    Descends with fell effect from left or right.


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